Appointments & Drop-offs
At Revolution Bike and Bean, we have a full service repair shop.  Like most things, bicycles require periodic maintenance and care.  We always strive to provide you with the best service and advice available and are equipped to get your bike back into working order and you back to riding as quickly as possible.  If you need a small repair, such as a flat fix or a derailleur adjustment, we can typically work on your bike while you wait at the shop. If the fix is more complex or we need to order you a new part, you can either drop your bike off into service that day or make an appointment for a future drop-off date. Our typical turn-around period is 1-3 days. To make an appointment, give us a call at (812) 336-0241.
Standard Tune-Up $45
S.S. Coaster Brake Tune-Up $35
Tandem Tune-Up $60
Tune-Up (Replace Cables and Housing, Tape
Handlebars, and Overhaul Bearing Surfaces)
Adjust Derailleur $10
Adjust Brake $10-$15
Install Cable Derailleur $15
Install Cable Brake $15
Install Brake $20
Install Derailleur $20
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $25
Install Tube Front/Rear $6/$8
Install Tubular Tire (Includes Glue, and Brushes) $50
True Wheel $10-$25
Custom Wheel Build $40
Bike Assembly (from Box) $85
Bike Assembly (Custom Build)  $150
Bike Assembly (Frame Swap, One Bike To Another) $150
Bike Assembly (Frame Swap, Two Complete Bikes) $250
Pack for Shipping (Bike) $40
Pack for Shipping (Frame) $15
Overhaul Fork Air/Oil $40
* Custom Services Available